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Fritz hopes to live off Sally's earnings as a film star but his ardor quickly cools at the sight of her fiancé Pierre, with whom she plans to leave for Paris that night. Chris, taking pity on her, invites her to stay at his boarding house.They arrange for Chris to move to a smaller room and for Sally to take his old room. And like other kinds of recorded and staged film, porn bares about as much similarity to our real sex lives as a Hollywood movie does to our daily life. In other words, porn may be many things, but it's not real life.

To their delight, doctors found that Lacks’s cells could do something they’d never seen before: They could survive and reproduce in a laboratory indefinitely.

Relying heavily on technology the film predates or anticipates several technologies - as well as cultural habits - that would later become standard online practice and interaction: Netiquette.

The design, look-and-feel, animation, programming, and general technologies used in the overall transmedia experience was created by Christian D. Programming was assisted by Steven Osit and Kate Schaffer.

, you learn about the miraculous clump of cells that changed medical science forever before really learning about the person who made and was killed by them.

In 1951, a 31-year-old African American woman named Henrietta Lacks learned she was dying of cervical cancer.