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Steve Mbogo followed with 32,357 and 13,413 for Boniface Mwangi. I thank the People of Starehe for having the confidence and trust in me to represent them in Parliament.

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So one day, just by accident, they run into each other on the street, their eyes and strategic goals meet and – boom – happily ever after. Like in dating between us human beings, the way to the altar with corporate-startup relationships usually involves some additional steps.

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When a man tries to solve problems and he doesn't succeed, after a while he just gives up listening to his wife when she talks about problems.

The form of communication they were using promoted frustration rather than greater intimacy.

Both of them need to evaluate what their issues were and how those issues could have been resolved -- again, without being too critical of each other or themselves.

This is why the aliens all started falling out, they got selective amnesia. Probably the most notable point from the whole book, quoted by Bridget Jones to Margaret Thatcher (maybe), is the rubber band theory.

Since then the sexes or aliens or whatever they/we are have been at war! men, according to Gray, value; Power, competency, efficiency and achievement. When a maaaan loves a woman, as the song goes, he acts like a rubber band.