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Battery icon not updating

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Otherwise, a Genius Bar appointment at your local Apple store might be necessary.i Phone users, listen up: We have written a detailed guide on charging your i Phone properly. The System Management Controller, or SMC, on your Mac is buried within the operating system and groups together various functions involving the display, battery power, booting, shutting down, sleeping, and more.Pay attention to these signs, as your battery percentage could be out of whack.To effectively fix what’s going on, you first need to know what could be causing the problem.No matter what the cause may be, there’s always a fix for an incorrect battery level in your Mac’s Menu Bar.The battery meter in my system tray doesn't update on its own. But when I unplug the PC and plug it right back in, it shows "correct", i.e., updated, information (the battery bar is half-way full, and it shows "55 minutes to full charge"). The first thing to check is that the Power icon is enabled.To do so click on Turn system icons on or off and make sure Power is enabled.

All Macs with internal batteries have an indicator that appears in the Menu Bar.

In rare circumstances, the indicator may not display the correct battery level.

In this piece, we’ll be talking about the various troubleshooting steps you should try to remedy this problem.

The other is a perceived sense of quick battery drain or a drop in the lifespan of a battery.

If you suspect that the battery on your Mac is displaying an inaccurate percentage of battery life remaining, try some of these at-home solutions to reset or recalibrate the battery.