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Let’s take a look at 5 problems that come with this type of relationship: 1: Inconsistency leads to confusion When you are back and forth like a yo-yo with your partner it can become incredibly confusing as to where you are going and where you stand with one another.Not to mention it becomes completely exhausting fighting the same battles and emotions time and time again.Some 1.5 million passwords belonging to e Harmony members were recently stolen and posted to the Web, according to news reports.The company says it is still investigating the incident and has taken steps to protect its members since the passwords were compromised.Of course online dating isn’t always scary, it can definitely be fun and rewarding, but taking those extra steps to protect yourself is necessary.

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You shouldn’t have to try and convince your partner daily that being with you is the right decision, nor should you always feel like you’re in a never-ending battle to move just one step forward.

Online services are an easy, convenient and relatively safe way of forming a relationship, the National Crime Agency said.

But the rapport you can build so rapidly through texts and email also has a dark side because the online services also are producing a "new type of sexual offender." These offenders are less likely to already have a criminal record than most stranger rapists.

They exploit their access to potential victims and establish trust before meeting.

Attacks mostly were committed during the first face-to-face meetings after contact was made through dating sites or apps. Online dating services have been around since the early days of the Web, with major paid sites like emerging in 1995 and e Harmony in 2000.